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  • A Rocha Ghana

    ARG carries out research for the conservation and restoration of the natural world, and runs environmental educational programmes for communities and people of all ages. ARG is part of the larger A Rocha family, headed by A Rocha International.
  • ACRO Ghana

    Please check website for details
  • Action Aid Ghana

    ActionAid began operating in Ghana in 1990 and now works with more than One Million (1,000,000) people living in 279 communities in the Upper East, Upper West, Northern, Brong Ahafo, Volta and Greater Accra regions. ActionAid Ghana supports the basic needs and rights of the poor. We do not impose solutions but work with communities to strengthen their own efforts, making the most of their knowledge and experience, to improve their access to services. We also work with government, community groups, partners and others to make policies that enhance the qualtity of life or change policies and practices that affect their lives negatively.
  • Africa Global Sister Cities Foundation (AGSCF)

    Africa Global Sister Cities Foundation (AGSCF) in line with Sister Cities International protocol is recognised as a non-profit, non-governmental citizen diplomacy network creating, strengthening and promoting Sister Cities partnerships among African communities and similar jurisdictions abroad. The Foundation was born out of the Ghana Sister Cities Foundation (GSCF) to be a non-profit non-governmental voluntary organisation established in 2003, with the same objectives as the Sister Cities International (SCI) and its affiliates.
  • Africa ICT Right

    Africa ICT Right aim is to uplift rural communities in developing countries by providing educational resources, technology resources and training to empower youth to improve their lives and also to bridge the digital divide.
  • African Information Movement (AIM.)

    African Information Movement (AIM.) was established in Ghana in October 2006 and registered in April 2007 as a Non-Governmental Organization operating under the companies’ code of Ghana (1963) under its own constitution. African Information Movement operates as an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, nonreligious, non-political organization and as an active member of several networks. The vision of AIM. is to empower the youth in the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abirem (K.E.E.A.) Municipality to make their communities an attractive place to live.
  • Agricultural & Rural Development Assosication

    ARA stands for "Agricultural and Rural Development Association", and is a non- profit and non- governmental organisation (NGO) under the registration No. G.306 of the Republic of Ghana.
  • Akrowa Aged-Life Foundation

    In the last quarter of a century, there has been a drastic deterioration in the care of the aged and its consequential social implications are fast becoming a global phenomenon especially in the developing world and for that matter Ghana. Management of these issues is completely getting out of hand as the extended family and social systems that have been at play in the sustenance of the aged in particular and society as a whole for centuries seem to be facing extinction as the roots of urbanization seep deeper. Economic trends have been the driving force behind this new wave of "each for himself and God for us all" syndrome. The current global economic dis-order has weakened the social foundation of many Third World countries.
  • Alliance For African Women Initiative

    Our vision is a world where all women and children are safe from harm in the societies where they live. Our mission is to create environments that enable fair development for vulnerable people in rural and urban settings, particularly women and children.
  • Alliance For Green Revolution In Africa

    AGRA’s integrated programs in seeds, soils, market access, policy and partnerships and innovative finance work to trigger comprehensive changes across the agricultural system. Our programs also strengthen agricultural education and extension, address the issue of efficient water management, and strive to involve and train youth.
  • Amicus Onlus

    Please check website for details
  • Ark Foundation

    The Ark Foundation, Ghana, is just baby among human rights NGOs focusing on protection of women and children in Ghana. But like most healthy, gusty babies it has demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt that it can yell!
  • Association Of Church Development Projects

    The Association of Church Development Projects in Northern Ghana was formed in 1977, known then as the Association of Church Agricultural Projects (CAP), a loose association of Church Agricultural Projects. The membership soon expanded beyond the agricultural stations to include other church rural development work such as the water projects, health, nutrition and primary health care, gender and development, and rehabilitation of the blind. To reflect the diverse nature of the network the name was changed in 1988 to the Association of Church Development Projects (ACDEP). ACDEP is an ecumenical network of largely, but not only, church sponsored development NGOs in Northern Ghana.
  • Awals Children Of The Future

    The Children of the Future Foundation (COTF), is a newly created not-for-profit organization focused on helping street children, orphans, and the needy in Ghana. Founded by Awal Alhassan (Possi Gee), the COTF Foundation is dedicated to raising money and making grants to charitable organizations which focus on improving and elevating the general welfare and well-being of the less fortunate, specifically children in unfortunate circumstances. In Ghana, many helpless children, over 33,000, can be seen wandering in the streets daily. Thousands more are without parents and needy. Children are the future of any country and it is imperative that society does its part to support and ensure the livelihood of all children.
  • Azumah Nelson Foundation

    Please check Azumah Nelson Foundation website for details
  • Basic Necessity For All

    check website for details
  • Bravehearts Expeditions

    BraveHearts Expeditions’ Health projects involve working alongside community health workers, medical doctors, surgeons, ophthalmologists, nurses, neurosurgeons, pediatricians and General Practitioners towards the eradication of community diseases and infections. Our education projects involve assisting in the construction and rehabilitation of educational centers and libraries for under-deprived communities in Ghana. They also include setting up Excellence Clinics in Senior High Schools where students participate in week-long seminars on excellence so they can learn to aspire higher than the highest.
  • British Council Ghana

    The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for education and cultural relations. We connect people in Ghana with people in the UK and beyond. British Council has been in operation in Ghana since 1943 and has built a long–standing relationship with the people of Ghana. The strategic focus of our work is creating and enhancing learning opportunities and building access and understanding between Africa and the global community.
  • Building Solid Foundations Inc

    Building Solid Foundations, Inc (BSF) is committed to providing opportunities to the poorest of Ghana’s population by creating a metamorphic difference in how non-profit organizations operate in Ghana.
  • Business Sector Advocacy Challenge

    BUSAC aims to make an impact by enabling the private sector, including business membership organizations, trades unions and media, to influence public policy formulation by undertaking appropriate research, developing evidence based policy positions and advocating those positions with government and other private sector institutions/organization who may be targeted by the action.
  • Cebtre For Energy, Environment And Sustainable Developments-CEESD

    The Centre for Energy, Environment, and Sustainable Development (CEESD) is a non-for-profit organisation devoted to technologies that offer engineering solutions to global challenges such as climate change, energy poverty, environmental degradation, and pollution on local communities in Ghana and Africa. We identify problems facing local communities and devise strategies and innovations to solving them. We promote interventions that lead to sustainable development of local communities through capacity building, research and development, volunteerism, and projects on energy, agriculture and environment.
  • Center For Compliance And Management Services

    Center for Compliance and Management Services, FPACC, is Non-Governmental, Non-Profit, public interest organization (a Think Tank) focused on helping Government Departments, Ministries and Agencies (MDAs), Corporations, and Businesses achieve best business practices in terms of COMPLIANCE, RISK MANAGEMENT and GOOD GOVERNANCE, by creating awareness and providing quality training. Though FPACC stands for "Fraud Prevention, Analysis and Compliance Center, it is part of our goals to achieve the following for our clients:
  • Center For Democratic Development

    The Center is an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit research-based and policy-oriented think tank in Accra, Ghana. Founded in 1998, it is dedicated to the promotion of democracy, good governance and the development of a liberal political and economic environment in Ghana in particular and Africa in general. In so doing, CDD-Ghana seeks to enhance the democratic content of public policy and to advance the cause of constitutionalism, individual liberty, the rule of law, and integrity in public life
  • Centre For E-Governance

    A Ghanaian Non-Profit Organisation which seeks to build a well informed and participatory citizenry to enhance good governance.
  • Centre For Public Speaking

    We believe you have a voice and certainly an audience too. At the Centre for Public Speaking, our goal is to enable you to connect with your audience.
  • Cheerful Hearts Foundation

    You are warmly welcomed to Cheerful Hearts Foundation. In the following pages you will find information regarding our organization, its projects, Internships and Volunteering programs. Cheerful Hearts Foundation believes on a principle that together we can build and give opportunities to organizations, donors and individuals who are willing to contribute and improve the livelihood of rural communities in Africa. We believe that the little effort of any individual or volunteer will help change the lives of some children, youth, men and women in the under-developed world.
  • Christian Health Association Of Ghana

    CHAG is a Non-Governmental Organization bringing together Churches involved in the provision of Health Services. CHAG serves as a link between Government/Development Partners and CHAG Member Institutions and provides support to its members through capacity strengthening, coordination of activities, lobbying and advocacy, public relations and translation of government policies. The goal of CHAG is to improve the health status of people living in Ghana, especially the marginalized and the poorest of the poor, in fulfilment of Christ healing ministry. CHAG’s 183 Member Institutions are therefore predominantly located in the rural (underserved) areas. CHAG plays a complementary role to the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Ghana Health Service (GHS) and is the 2nd largest provider of health services in the country. It is estimated that approximately 42% of total health services in the country are provided by CHAG member institutions
  • Christian Rural Aid Network -CRAN

    CRAN is a Christian development NGO striving to reduce poverty and its effects among disadvantaged groups and communities in rural Ghana
  • Development Solutions Centre

    lThe centre has been established to support the developmental efforts of donor organisations within West Africa. Particularly, donord and international NGOs that are becoming increasingly worried and frustrated with the low capacity of indigeneous non-profit, non-governmental organisatiosn (NGOs) and community development organisations.
  • Disaster Volunteers Of Ghana (DIVOG)

    Welcome to Disaster Volunteers of Ghana (DIVOG)! We are a leading non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) in Ghana, Africa. Established as a charity in 2002, we are dedicated to assisting communities and improving the lives of Ghanaians in need through charitable donations and volunteer work.
  • Disaster Volunteers Of Ghana (DIVOG)

    Welcome to Disaster Volunteers of Ghana (DIVOG)! We are a leading non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) in Ghana, Africa. Established in 2002, we are dedicated to assisting communities and improving the lives of Ghanaians.
  • Dream Africa Care Foundation

    Dream Africa Care Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan; volunteer NGO (non-governmental organization) registered in Ghana under number G29, 482. Dream Africa Care Foundation (DACF) seeks to promote the general wellbeing and the development of Ghanaians through humanitarian work; we seek to practically and effectively initiate, implement and enhance programs and activities that would in the long run go to benefit the communities that we choose to work with. We provide diverse range of opportunities to people around the world who want to become part of our volunteer community in Ghana. Dream Africa Care Foundation assists rural and urban communities by providing support and services in such areas as education, health, and the environment, as well as help in times of natural or man-made disaster. Dream Africa Care Foundation enables volunteers through motivation, encouragement, and support to initiate and implement projects for communities in need. Mission and Purpose "To support sustainable development initiatives around the world through life-changing free volunteer and responsible adventure travel programs that educate, inspire and result in more active global citizens.
  • Dream Africa Volunteer Service

    Dream Africa Volunteer Service, a non-government organization that is committed to the development of rural communities through voluntary work placement. The organization is dedicated to providing year-round programs for local and international volunteers to interact in development process by participating in projects which support to enrich the lives of deprived children and women in rural communities. We identify needy projects in deprived communities and send in the support we receive from volunteers, well-wishers and donor organizations.
  • Drive Aid Ghana

    Drive Aid Ghana is a registered 501 (c) 3 Non Profit Organization (Reg. No. G34, 700) located in Damongo in the Northern region of Ghana founded by Clement Matorwmasen and Femke Akkermans. OUR AIMS AND OBJECTIVES 1.Agriculture: Moringa is used as organic fertilizer, pesticide, growth enhancer both in plants and animals, and also highly nutritious for human consumption.
  • Eaglesflight Travel Services

    Eaglesflight Travel Services (E.T.S) is a public benefit, educational organization. E.T.S mission is to offer Ghanaian University students opportunity to join other international students of diverse cultures together so those who participate gain a greater knowledge and understanding of one another. E.T.S believes that the best way to learn about the cultures, languages and customs of other countries is through international work exchanges and home stay programs. We are therefore determined to provide students the opportunity to work and travel in the United States, the United Kingdom and other interesting parts of the world. We want our students to experience life in the United States and United Kingdom as more than just tourists. Our organization is a partner of internationally accredited J-1 visa sponsors. We work with reputable international partners and service providers to make it all happen for you!
  • Embracing Hidden Talent Network

    Embracing Hidden Talents Network (EHT-Network) started as Central University College Drama Club at the time. The club successfully produced a number of stage-act drama performances on HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse. In April 6th 2000, the organisation's name was changed to Embracing Hidden Talents Club. This move become necessary to allow to the organisation achieve its stated aims and objectives. The club in conjunction with Impact Management Consultants at Dansoman-Accra, produced a documentary now used to train top level management - to help manage stress cases.
  • Emerge Kids In Sports

    About Us Sports should be a fun, safe experience where children can learn basic athletic skills and sportsmanship, build friendships, and increase their self-esteem.We believe that no kid should be left on the sidelines and all should be given the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of organized sports. Emerge Kids in Sports provides support to children in order to remove financial barriers that prevent them from playing organized sport
  • Fight Aids Ghana Foundation

    Fightaids Ghana is a voluntary Non-Governmental Organisation( NGO), which was registered under the Companies Act (1863), in Ghana. The Organisation traces its roots from the inspirational leadership of two young men who are changing the deplorable state of the needy for a fulfilled life on this planet.
  • FOTA

    To help provide facilities and extracurricular educational programs in all parts of Ghana for orphaned and single parented adolescents. This is done in order to foster in each child the development of sound health, self- confidence, social and environmental awareness, interpersonal skills, useful and relevant job skills, civic responsibility as well as ethical and spiritual behavior.
  • Free Africa From Mosguitoes

    FREE AFRICA FROM MOSQUITOES (FAFM) is a registered non profit , Non Governmental Organization, determined to fight against mosquitoes and to eradicate mosquito borne-diseases, especially MALARIA in Africa and beyond. FAFM is run by pragmatic professionals who are passionate about helping people to free themselves from the shackles of mosquitoes and hence MALARIA. Mosquitoes are known to pose a serious danger to present public health and they are estimated to transmit diseases to more than 700 million people per year in Africa, Central America, South America and Asia with millions of resulting deaths.
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